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Dual Credit at Blinn College

Dual Credit at Blinn College is for students that attend high school within the Blinn College service area.  Please contact our staff if you need any further information.

The Dual Credit Program enables high school students to earn credit toward a college degree by enrolling in a college course and to simultaneously satisfy the requirements for high school graduation. 

College courses offered for dual credit may be taught at one of the Blinn College campuses or on a high school campus by credentialed instructors, according to criteria established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. (SACS)

College courses offered for dual credit include the same content and rigor as courses taught to other college students. Dual Credit student’s permanent records will include both a high school transcript and an official college transcript.

Early Admissions
This program offers high school students the opportunity to take a Blinn College course. These courses are only for college credit. High school students are accepted upon recommendation of their principal and with the permission of their parents.


You will:
  • Earn transferable college credit hours
  • Save time earning a degree
  • Save money by graduating from college sooner
  • Attend intellectually stimulating classes
  • Have access to all Blinn College facilities
  • College courses are more demanding
  • Classes require strong self-discipline and self-direction
  • Failure in a class taken for Academic Dual Credit may affect high school graduation
  • Grades affect high school and college GPAs
  • Conflicts in college and high school calendars may arise