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Associate in Arts Degree (AA)

Associate in Science Degree (AS)

These degrees are intended to provide freshman- and sophomore-level courses that enable students to enter as juniors at a four-year institution. While the liberal arts courses offered will satisfy the requirements of most senior colleges, it is the student’s responsibility to identify as early as possible the institution to which he/she will transfer and to determine the specific requirements of that institution (See Course Transfer section).

For both the AA and the AS degrees, any area of concentration offered at Blinn may be selected. However, traditional areas of concentration for the AA degree are: Communications, Criminal Justice, English, Foreign Languages and Speech/Theater Arts. Traditional areas of concentration for AS degrees are: Agriculture, Biology, Business/Accounting, Chemistry, Computer Science, Health/Kinesiology and Mathematics.


Areas of degree concentration (major) are:*

Brenham Campus


Bryan Campus

Agriculture Health/Kinesiology Agriculture Health/Kinesiology
Biology History Biology History
Business/Accounting Mathematics Business/Accounting Mathematics
Chemistry Music Chemistry Music
Communications Philosophy Communications Philosophy
Computer Science Physics Computer Science Physics
Criminal Justice Psychology Criminal Justice Psychology
English Speech/Theater Arts English Speech
Foreign Languages   Foreign Languages  
Courses are also taught in the following areas:
Anthropology Geography   Anthropology Geography
Arts Geology Arts Geology
Economics Government Economics Government
Engineering Graphics Sociology Engineering Mechanics Sociology
Engineering Mechanics      
*Some courses are not available on every campus.