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This equivalency information is the most current available to date. It is the student's responsibility to determine the transportability of courses to a four-year institution.

Equivalency information is available for the following institutions:
Texas A&M University, University of Texas, Sam Houston State University, Texas State University, University of Houston, Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas Tech University.

Courses are listed by title

Course Titles beginning with:
D through F
G through L
P through T

Texas State University
U. Houston
Texas Tech
T by TITLE = Course transfers but there is no exact equivalent ELV = Elective ELNA = Elective Non-Advanced; transferable but no exact equivalent T & V = Technical & Vocational; certain degree programs may incorporate the work Note 1: Both ACCT 1301 & 2312 = ITEC 2371 Courses that transfer, but do not have an exact equivalent, are listed with a dept. prefix and the level: 1 - - - freshman, 2 - - - sophomor Note 1: Both GOVT 2305 & 2306 = POLS 1301 & 2302; take both at Blinn or both at Tech

ACT = physical education activity course  NA = Non-Advaned; freshman or sophomore credit only  ELNA = Elective, non-advanced  Note 2: Both BUSI 1311 & 1312 = ITEC 3363     
FLAB = Freshman Science Lecture/Lab  *  Must check with Admissions office for credit
Note 1: Nat. Sci. Persp.  Note 3: Both CHLD 1309 & 1313 = HDCS 2317 
 ** Must take GEOG 213 Lab at A&M SLAB = Sophomore Science Lecture/Lab     *May petition for a substitution as ENG 3303 *MUAP transfers as MUSA     
 *** Must take both courses at Blinn for A&M credit  *For nursing majors transfers as MIC 316, MIC 116L   **Must have C or better **** No exact equivalent, but will transfer as stated    
 # 4-8 LA/SS CERTIFICATE ONLY     ***Should take both courses at same institution These courses are for the central campus. If you are attending another UH campus, you must check with that campus for their courses.      


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