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FAQ’s in the Business Office

Q – How will I know if I am going to receive a refund from my financial aid?
A - You may check your balance anytime in myBLINN. Log in to your myBLINN account, then choose the "My Records" tab.  Click on the semester in the "My Account" box that you want to view.   As financial aid is credited to your account, it is applied to all the charges that exist on your account.  If a credit balance remains after all charges are paid, you will be refunded the amount of the credit.  All refunds are made through the refund choice that you made with BankMobile Disbursements.

Check your financial aid in myBLINN by opening links within the "Financial Aid Awards" or "Financial Aid Requirements; boxes in the "My Records" tab.  When your financial aid reaches an “authorized aid” status, it will hold your classes and create a book voucher

Q – When can I expect to receive my refund?
A - At the beginning of a semester, no refunds are processed until after the Day of Record (12th class date in a long semester; 4th class date in a summer session); it then takes 7 to 10 days for your refund to be sent to BankMobile Disbursements. There are circumstances that could delay the disbursement of your refund for an additional time period. If you have questions as to when you will receive your refund, contact your Business Office or Financial Aid. You must make a refund choice in order to receive your refund in a timely manner; all refunds come from BankMobile Disbursements. Look for a green envelope containing your refund selection kit from BankMobile Disbursements; it contains a personal code and complete instructions on how to make a refund selection.

Q – What is the Installment Plan?
A – Blinn College has an online payment plan that can be accessed through the “Make a One-Time Payment, Payment Plan or View your statement” link in the “Payments” box on the “My Records” page in myBlinn.  This link takes you to Blinn College’s online payment gateway, managed by Nelnet, called BucPay.  Inside BucPay, a student is presented with a variety of payment options; from payment of a single term, multiple terms, or making a payment plan for a long semester.

Q – What is a “book voucher” and how does it work?
A – A book voucher is a service provided to students with financial aid that allows them to purchase textbooks and needed supplies at the Barnes and Nobles bookstores located on the Brenham and Bryan campuses.  The student utilizes the Blinn College student ID card to access the book voucher at the bookstore.  The amount of the book voucher is based upon an estimate of the financial aid that is to be received by the student; and the number of hours the student has enrolled in, normally not to exceed $1,000.  As the student adds and drops classes, the amount of the book voucher can change.  On the date of record; the estimated bookstore voucher is replaced on the student’s account by the actual charges incurred at the bookstore.   Once bookstore charges are placed on the student’s account, it is the responsibility of the student to repay these charges, either through financial aid or other payment sources.

Schulenburg and Sealy Campus students’ book vouchers are handled manually; contact the main offices at these campuses for additional information.

How do I know if I have received a book voucher?

  • Login to myBLINN
  • Click My Records
  • Under My Account (click the semester)
  • This will show the amount of the voucher which is based upon full-time status. The amount is shown as a charge because it is used out your financial aid.
  • Any portion of the book voucher that is not used will be issued as a refund back to the student.

How can I view holds on my account?

  • Login to your myBLINN
  • Click on My Records
  • Click on the link that says Holds

Q – How do I pay my tuition? 
A – You may pay your account in person, by mail or online.  If you choose to pay in person , you may utilize cash, checks, debit cards, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. If you choose to pay by mail, please send checks or money orders only to the Business Office of the campus you attend.  If you pay online, you may utilize e-checks, American Express, Discover or MasterCard.  If you choose to pay with a credit card online, you will be assessed a separate service fee of 2.75% of the amount of the payment.  E-checks are processed without a service fee.  If you have a debit card; utilize the e-check option to access the bank account behind the debit card to avoid the service fee.  Go to the “Payment Dates & Methods” option on the menu along the top right corner of this page for more information.

Q - How can I view my fee statement?
A – You can view your fee statement for the current or past semester by accessing your account in My.Blinn and viewing the “My Account” box in the “My Records” tab in myBLINN.

Q – Can I  pay my Installment Payment online or  in person? 
A – If you have a Nelnet Installment Plan, you do not need to make individual payments yourself.  The agreement you made upon sign up with Nelnet handles ALL of your payments.  If you feel that you must make a payment directly, please contact the Business Office before making a payment. If you have an issue with an individual payment in a payment plan, contact the Business Office at least three business days before the payment is scheduled as Nelnet has a cutoff for making adjustments to payment plans.

Q – Will I receive a full refund if I drop a class or withdraw from school.
A – The percentage of your refund depends upon when you register and when you drop / withdraw.  The only way to receive a 100% refund is to drop / withdraw BEFORE the first class date.  This drop / withdrawal must be done in writing or online in person at the Enrollment Services counter, in writing or online in My.Blinn when electronic registration is active.  You cannot drop a class or withdraw from school verbally or in a phone conversation.   

The refund policy for Blinn College is based upon the assumption that student tuition and fees provide a portion of the actual costs of a student’s education, including costs incurred for registration and administration.  When a student registers for a class, a spot is reserved for that student; therefore, that spot is not available to another student.  If the first student does not pay for the class, or drops the class after the first class date, Blinn College has incurred a significant expense that is not reimbursed to Blinn College by the Higher Education Coordinating Board for the State of Texas. 

In order to recover some of those costs, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has issued regulations that Blinn College follows in establishing its refund policy.  The official Refund and Drop / Withdrawal schedule, per the Blinn College Handbook, is provided below:

Refund Policy

Drop/Withdrawal from College

Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Drops and withdrawal from college are official at the time that the Office of Admissions and Records is notified.

Notification should be made in person or in writing. Students will have their tuition and mandatory fees refunded according to the following schedule:

Drop/Withdrawal Schedule
Texas Administrative Code (Chapter 19, § 21.5)

Length of Class Term in Weeks

Last day for 70 percent refund

Last day for 25 percent refund

2 or less

2nd class day



3rd class day

4th class day


4th class day

5th class day


5th class day

6th class day


5th class day

7th class day


7th class day

9th class day


8th class day

10th class day


9th class day

11th class day


9th class day

12th class day


10th class day

14th class day


12th class day

15th class day


13th class day

16th class day


13th class day

17th class day


14th class day

19th class day


15th class day

20th class day

* Minimester
** Summer I & II Semesters
*** 10 Week Summer Semesters
**** Fall and Spring Semesters

Tuition and fees paid directly to the institution by a sponsor, donor, or scholarship shall be refunded to the source rather than directly to the student. If a student who has a scholarship withdraws before the end of the semester, the scholarship is revoked.

Non-Mandatory Fees

Students who withdraw prior to the first day of class will have all non-mandatory fees refunded. Students who withdraw on or after the first day of class will be refunded as follows:

(1) The refund on room and board is proportional with no room refund after the eighth week.

(2) There is no refund on vehicle registration fee.

Return of Title IV Funds

Students who have received (or who are eligible to receive) federal financial aid (grants or loans), and who withdraw from all their classes, or who do not earn a passing grade in any class for the semester, are subject to a recalculation of their awards based on the amount of aid earned.  Any amounts of unearned federal financial aid received by the student will be returned by the college to the applicable federal student aid program(s) through a Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) calculation process.  The return of these funds may result in the student owing a balance to Blinn College, and/or the federal government.  For more information about how this may affect financial aid recipients please view Blinn College’s R2T4 policy online.

Military Service

If a student withdraws because he or she is called to active military service, the College District, at the student’s option, shall refund the tuition and fees paid by the student for the semester in which the student withdraws. Education Code 54.006(f) Blinn College Board Policy FBB (Legal)