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The new Blinn College BucPay Online payment system


Blinn College is implementing a new online payment system for Spring 2015 Registration which will begin on October 20, 2014.  The BucPay system will feature Payment by Term, will allow multiple authorized payers and will allow partial payments.  And for the first time ever, Blinn College will provide notice of e-bills to students through the BucPay website.

BucPay is administered by Nelnet, the same financial services company who administered Blinn College’s previous online payment system, QuikPay.  Student data and authorized payer data is not being transferred between QuikPay and BucPay, so students will have to create student profiles and authorized payers in order to use BucPay.  Instructions on how to set up a student profile are located here (Steps to creating an AP).

To access BucPay, students will choose the “Make a one-time payment, a payment plan, or view your statement” link in myBlinn.  Students will be prompted to create their profile and set up authorized payers upon their first visit to the site.

Features of BucPay

Payment by Term
Blinn students have been able to make online payments since 2002.  Before BucPay, the student was required to pay his/her balance in full with every online payment.  With BucPay, the student will choose the term in which he/she wants to pay.  The student is limited to making a payment in one term at a time; if a student has multiple term balances; the student will have to make separate payments for each term.

Multiple Payers
The student can set up multiple Authorized Payers on his/her BucPay student profile.  This feature allows multiple Authorized Parties to make a payment on a student’s term balance.  For example, if a grandparent was going to pay half of a student’s tuition balance in a particular term, and a parent was going to pay the other half; BucPay can process both payments on the student’s behalf.  For such a scenario to occur, the student must set up the grandparent and the parent as “Authorized Parties” in their student profile.  There is no limit on the number of Authorized Parties on a student profile.

Partial Payments
To make the process of multiple Authorized Payers work, BucPay allows partial payments in a given term.  A partial payment in BucPay does not create a payment plan; and classes will be dropped if they are not fully paid by the applicable payment due date.  Students who want a payment plan must access the “Make a Payment Plan” link in myBlinn.

At certain times in the semester, BucPay will notify students with term balances due that a billing statement is available for review and payment in BucPay.  The notification will come via email and/or by text message to the student and to the Authorized Parties.  The student will be provided with links to both self-service Banner and BucPay, where they can make a one-time payment or manage their student profiles.