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Mathematica Page

This page contains Mathematica files, available for download. Comments and suggestions can be sent to Terry Honan.

Conference Talk

This is a video of a talk given at the 2012 Wolfram Technology Conference: The Use of Mathematica and CDF to Create and Distribute Interactive Physics Lecture Notes.

Inputting Units

The palette and package allow for quick input of properly typeset units in Mathematica, avoiding the clunky units-discovery approach involving Wolfram Alpha queries. As an example, the expression below can be inputted quickly using the palette or the aliases.

This Zipped File (File date: May 27, 2014) opens to a folder that contains the four files described below. Both the palette and package can be installed using "Install..." under the Mathematica File menu; install the InputUnits.m file as a Package and the Units.nb file as a Palette.

Units Palette: Units.nb is a palette to input properly typeset units. The source code for this, Units Palette.nb, is also included. Mouseovers on the palette show the keyboard shortcuts for input aliases for these units. The palette has a Load Aliases button that loads the package.

Units Package: InputUnits.m is the package that loads the aliases for inputting units. The aliases are added to the current session of the Front End and the package must be loaded for each new Front End session. To load the package, use the Load Aliases button on the palette or evaluate <<InputUnits` in Mathematica. The aliases begin with q, for "Quantity"; for instance, esc-qm-esc inputs the unit m for Meters. Mouseovers on the Units Palette show these input aliases. The package source code can be found in InputUnits.nb.

This page was last modified June 2, 2014