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Rules for the final exam   updated for spring 2016

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Guided project 1, due Tuesday the 25th at the start of class
Guided project 2, due Thursday the 27th at the start of class

Memo Question Rules
Memo question form
Memo one, due Friday Jan. 27th by 11:38 AM CST
Partner and question assignment
Memo 2 due Feb. 10 by 11:38 AM CST
Memo partners and assignments for the rest of the semester
Memo 3 due Feb 24th by 11:38 AM CST
Memo 4 due by March 3rd 11:38 AM CST
Memo 5 due March 31st by 11:38 AM CST Take home exam 1
Take home exam 2
Take home exam 3
Take home exam 4
Take home exam 5

Answers to first quiz
Polar Example Answers to polar quiz

Answers to first volume quiz
Answers to surface area quiz

Answers to Trig and parts quiz
Answers to Trig sub quiz
Answers to Review quiz

Answers to first seq. quiz
Answers to second seq.
Answers to 3rd seq. and series quiz

Answers to quiz from April 13th
Answers to Taylor and DE quiz

Review for Final Exam
4 pages
Answers for Final Exam Review
  5 pages