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Math Placement Exam

The Math Placement Exam will only be required for those students who wish to enroll in Precalculus or Calculus I.  All other students will use the TSIA exam or the prerequisites for a particular class.
See guidelines

Those students wishing to enroll in either Precalculus or Calculus I must meet one of the following criteria:

Precalculus (MATH 2412)
  • Texas A&M Math Placement Exam – All TEAM/EAB students will use the results of this test
  • ACT score of 25 or higher
  • Blinn Math Placement Exams - MMTA (algebra) 10-14 and MMTT (trigonometry) 10-14

Calculus (MATH 2413)
  • Texas A&M Math Placement Exam – All TEAM/EAB students will use the results of this test
  • ACT score of 28 or higher
  • Blinn Math Placement Exams - MMTA (algebra) 15-20 and MMTT (trigonometry) 15-20

The MPE is available online anywhere a student has unlimited computer access. The exam is completed in the Pearson Education MyMathTest (MMT) environment. MMT offers a browser check to ensure that all proper plug-ins are installed on your computer as well as a training tutorial to explain how to enter answers. You should familiarize yourself completely with this environment before taking any exam. If you do not have unlimited computer access, you may come to the open computer labs on campus and utilize our facilities.

In the event of a physical or learning disability, please check with the Office of Disability Services regarding testing accommodations should the need arise. That office will provide further details.

Academic Integrity
Success in a math course is strongly correlated to one’s ability and skill level. The purpose of the MPE is to place students into the class that best suits their current skill level.

It is vital that you and you alone take your MPE. The only person hurt by cheating on the MPE will be you, as you will be placed into a course above your skill level. Students who register for courses above their skill level will almost always fail or be forced to drop, wasting both time and money.

Therefore it is imperative that you and you alone take your exam to ensure proper placement. It is that form of dedication that will make you a successful student at Blinn College.
Remember, you only have 2 attempts so take this exam seriously!

What can I do to improve my score?
One of the reasons for allowing you two attempts at the MPE is that we hope you will take an opportunity between exams and study. Research has shown that students who refresh themselves before taking a placement exam, or who brush up on weaker skill areas between attempts of a placement exam often improve their scores and place into higher courses as a result. As an example, if you have worked with logarithms (part of the algebra exam) previously but did not do well on that subject area because you are rusty, putting in a little time and practice on that subject would be beneficial. Fortunately, the MPE has a tool built in to help you between your first and second attempt. It is called the “Study Plan.”

After your first attempt, the testing environment will assess what types of problems you missed and it will create a customized Study Plan tailored for those areas. This Study Plan will consist of examples and problems you can work, with interactive solutions and in some cases video clips offering explanations.

It is strongly suggested that students work through the Study Plan to remediate before taking their second test attempt. This will be your only opportunity to work on your weak areas before course placement is decided!

You can work as few or as many of the problems in the Study Plan as you want. The more problems you work, the greater the likelihood you will improve your test score and the more prepared you will be for your first math class at Blinn College.

Taking the MPE
As stated earlier, to be eligible to take the test, you must meet two criteria. Your registration account must be listed as “file complete”, meaning you have turned in all necessary paperwork and are cleared to register. Second, your TSI status must indicate you have taken and passed a TSI test or be listed as exempt with the exemption scores in our system. Once that criteria is met, your account will be made. Accounts are made each day.

Once you are prepared to take the MPE and your account is created, click on the link below labeled “Take the MPE.” You will automatically be redirected to the placement exam website where you can log in and start the test. Your login information is as follows:

Username: FirstName.LastNameXY, where XY are the last two digits of your Blinn College ID. For example, if your name is David John Smith, ID B00634256, your username would be David.Smith56.

Password: Your password is your birthday in the format MMDDYY. Note a leading “0” is required. For example, if your birthday is March 6, 1984, your password would be 030684.

Once you log in, you will be given additional instruction, including information on running a browser check and how to enter answers.

If you have questions or problems regarding the MPE, contact the MPE team at Please be specific about your question. If you are having a problem you will need to include your username in your email.

Ready to take the MPE?
If you are ready to take the exam, click the link below labeled “Take the Math Placement Exam” to be redirected to the testing website to log in and get started.

Take the Math Placement Exam