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Writing Center, Bryan Campus - A118 - (979) 209-7591

Writer's Contract/Writing Center Guidelines

When students visit the Writing Center for the first time, they are asked to read and acknowledge the following policies.

1. Students cannot drop off papers, and tutors will not mark on papers.

2. Grading policies, grades, and/or instructors will not be discussed.

3. Tutors will not make an assessment of writing; evaluation is ultimately completed by the instructor.

4. Appointments may be forfeited if students are more than ten minutes late.

5. Students may make no more than one appointment per day and two appointments per week. However, students may walk in as often as they like.

6. The student must bring two copies of his/ her draft to the session; one copy will be retained by the Writing Center as a record of the student's visit and for training purposes.

7. Sessions will last no more than 45 minutes; during that time the student and the tutor will focus on one area of the writing process at a time.

8. The Writing Center will only tutor students working on their own original work.

9. The student is responsible for his or her paper and all decisions made during the session. The student must be an active participant in determining the shape and nature of the session.

10. Because tutoring sessions are confidential, tutors are unable to sign anything that says the student has been in the Writing Center. This policy also encourages students to be more accountable for their own learning.

*PLEASE NOTE: The Writing Center is not a computer lab; we do not allow printing, stapling, computer use, etc. unless it is part of a tutoring session.