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Machining Technology

Ryan Barrett

MCHN 1038 Basic Machine Shop I
MCHN 1054 Intermediate Machining II

TUITION: $2,100.00
Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

CNC Machining
MCHN 2003 Fundamental of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machine Controls
MCHN 2035 Advanced CNC Machining

TUITION: class not available at this time

Make Things While You Build Your Career as a Machinist!

Machinist is the #1 work skill desired by area employers 130,000 job openings estimated nationwide in the next 10 years

A machinist is a skilled worker who uses precision machine tools to make finished products or parts from metal or other materials. Machinists design and manufacture precision parts, from simple pieces such as nuts and bolts to complex, high-tech components. Jobs in the industry range from operating, maintaining, repairing or inspecting machines to designing and creating programs for computer-numerical-control machines. Machine technology extends into tool and die work, maintenance machining, and research and prototyping.

Machinists produce many kinds of objects:

  • ready-to-use items such as prosthetics and medical implants
  • parts used to assemble more complex products
  • prototypes of mass-produced items
  • parts for industrial and manufacturing machines
  • components for research
  • laboratory projects

This 280 clock hour training program will develop the skills an individual will need to operate safely and efficiently in a modern manufacturing plant that utilizes CNC machines to produce their products. Topics covered in the curriculum includes:

    • Shop Safety
    • Mathematics
    • Precision Measurements
    • Blueprint Reading
    • Manual Machine Operations
    • Machine Maintenance

The trainee will spend approximately 40 percent of their time in the classroom and 60 percent of their time working in the laboratory working on real world projects. The successful trainee will be able to design and make products with extreme accuracy.

Texas Yearly Machinist Pay Statistics

Average Yearly Machinist Salary
$24,776 - $37,164

Starting Yearly Machinist Salary
$20,404 - $30,606

Top Yearly Machinist Salary
$29,148 - $43,722