Classroom Procedures

  1. Blinn College’s Attendance Policy remains in place for all class modalities. More information can be found here.
  2. If a class has a remote component, such as Zoom, the space occupied by the student becomes an extension of the classroom. Therefore, expectations for student behavior in the remote classroom remain the same as those for the physical classroom. Students must be attentive and in a distraction free and appropriate environment for learning. Please dress as you would on campus, do not eat during class, be mindful of your surroundings, and respectful with your colleagues and faculty. Students who do not follow these rules may be subject to the College's Incivility Protocol and may be removed from the remote classroom. Do not drive while in a Zoom class.
  3. Classroom participation remains a portion of all Blinn College classes grades. This policy applies to all course modalities.
  4. While attending class in a remote capacity, students are required to keep their cameras on during the entirety of the class time unless otherwise noted.
  5. All classes may be recorded for future academic use.
  6. Although Blinn computer labs will be open during the semester, students should have access to the following technology in the event that campuses are required to close:
    1. a full computer (not a Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone),
    2. a webcam (for simultaneous remote participation and test proctoring),
    3. microphone,
    4. and reliable internet connection.
    5. System Requirements
      Note: The below are minimum requirements for participation in online courses at Blinn College. Specific programs and courses may have further hardware, software, and/or system specifications. Please check with your instructor (or refer to your course syllabus) for any additional system requirements.

      Minimum Processor and RAM: Dual Core 2GHz or higher with 4GB of RAM

      Operating Systems:
      Windows 10 or higher
      MacOSX 10.13 or higher

      Browser: Google Chrome (version 79 or Higher

      Internet: Broadband with a minimum of 1.5 Mbps download and 750 Kbps upload speeds

      Webcam (Built in or USB plugin)
      Microphone (Built in or USB plugin)

      Students who use the Blinn computer labs for remote class participation will need to bring their own headset with a microphone. Please note that not all computer lab stations have webcams. Social distancing will be in effect in these labs, so availability may be limited during peak times.

      To succeed in their courses, students also will need Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint for some assignments. These Microsoft Office programs are available for all students to download for free using their Blinn Buc email accounts. To install Microsoft Office 365, please visit or contact Academic Technology at 979-830-4357.
  7. All final exams, quizzes, and assessments may be administered online. Consult your syllabus for information on the time and modality of exams. Flex-online classes exams will be fully online. Some Health Sciences exams will be proctored live.
  8. If a student is required to quarantine on Campus Clear, the instructor will provide the student with a Zoom link to the class or provide recorded instruction of the material covered. Students must inform faculty immediately after they are notified that they cannot come on campus so that COVID accommodations can be granted. Faculty members will make every effort to fulfill the student’s request within 24 hours.