Self-Advising Waiver Form

First-time students who have passed all sections of the THEA or alternative test, or are exempt due to high SAT, ACT, or TAKS scores can choose to sign this self-advising waiver instead of seeking academic advising.

Complete and fax to:

Brenham           (979) 830-4110

Bryan               (979) 209-7229

Schulenburg      (979) 743-5225

I am a new student at Blinn College who is exempt from or has passed ALL sections of the THEA or alternative test. I understand that all new students are required to be advised prior to registration. I am waiving the advising requirement and will self-advise.

First Semester at Blinn College: ______________
Printed Name: __________________________________________
Signature:  _____________________________________________
Blinn ID Number: __________________

Social Security Number: __________________
Date: __________________

Students who wish to be advised should call:

Brenham           (979) 830-4196

Bryan               (979) 209-7250

Schulenburg      (979) 743-5200

For Blinn College use:
Date received: ___________
Exemption: _____________
THEA Test: _____________ Math: _____ Reading: _____ Writiing: _____ Essay: _____
Alternate Test: ___________ Math: _____ Reading: _____ Writing:  _____ Essay: _____
Notes: ___________________________________________________________________