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Bryan Campus
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SMART Software and the SMART Podium Interactive Pen Display

  The SMART Podium (earlier versions named Sympodium) allows instructors to write in 'electronic ink' over any screen presentation to highlight concepts and make notes. The SMART pen's 'electronic ink' can be applied to any software – such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, or even when viewing Web pages. All 'electronic ink' notes created on a Sympodium with the SMART software may be saved either as PDF files for distribution to your students via eCampus, or as a Tegrity recording that may be viewed online as a complete video lecture included annotated screen content. The podium (sympodium) and accompanying SMART Software are simple enough for anyone to walk up and use. Use the help files below to learn more about using these products. The Instructional Design department will be glad to arrange for group or individual training on the use of the SMART products.   Sympodium

The SMART Podium and SMART Notebook Software Highlights include the following.

  • Control your computer by touch
    Touch the screen with the pen tool to control computer applications or write in digital ink.

  • Simplify presentation tasks
    Use easy-to-access pen-tool buttons on the console to change ink color and activate the eraser without launching software or crowding the screen with extra toolbars.

  • Capture your work
    Save your notes, screen captures, images and other work to a single file that can be opened in both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Notes and graphics are saved as objects that can be manipulated and reorganized.

  • Flexible installation options
    Adjust the tilt stand to use the ID350 comfortably on any desk, or you can mount it on a podium.


Podium (Sympodium) Basics 10

You may need to orient your Sympodium pen tool if your writing is not aligning correctly with the tip of the pen on the podium's interactive screen. Use the following tutorials to learn how to orient the interactive whiteboard, control applications as well as learning to write, erase and save notes.

SMART Podium (Sympodium) Tools

Learn how to access and use the SMART Board tools to help you operate your interactive whiteboard.

SMART Notebook Software Basics

Overview of the Notebook software interface, writing in Notebook software and converting handwriting to typed text.