Spring 2009 Faculty Inservice Excel Gradebook Training Links (added 1/14/09)


Links to online resources (General help and gradebook templates)

Download Gradebook templates:

Percentage-Based Gradebook (Colorful)

Points-Based Gradebook 1

Points-Based Gradebook 2

Percentage-Based Gradebook with Weighted Categories

Microsoft Excel 2007 Online Training and Help pages

Introduction to the Fluent Interface (Ribbon)


The following links will help answer your questions about Excel 2007.

Microsoft Applications E-Learning

Part of our Campus Agreement benefits provides access to high quality online instructional materials for Microsoft Applications including the PowerPoint 2007.


Link to the access instructions and access codes

Click “My Learning” and select the courses you like.  Notice that there are many MS Office 2003 classes listed BEFORE the 2007 classes.  Scroll down and select all of the courses that interest you.

Then click on “My Learning” and select the course you’d like to begin. 
Each course is an individual video instruction.

Links to Microsoft’s training resources

Below  are some links to Microsoft’s training resources. The interactive guides are tutorials, while the reference guides are suitable for printing. 

What’s New in Excel 2007


Excel 2007 help index


Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 interactive command reference guide


Locations of Excel 2003 commands in Excel 2007



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