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eCampus Gradebook Help Files

Go to the Manage tab of an eCampus course to locate the link to the course gradebook.

ANGEL Gradebook Help Files

Gradebook Menu Overview

Copy a Gradebook Setup from Another Course - eCampus 8.0 - Coming August 2012
  Copy Gradebook Settings from One Course to Another arrow_smal Show Me: Copy Gradebook Settings
Step-by-Step Setup for New Gradebook Setup
  Step 1: Setting Gradebook Preferences arrow_smal Show Me: Setting Up Gradebook Preferences
  Step 2: Adding Gradebook Categories for Course Assignments Small Arrow Show Me: Adding Gradebook Categories
  Step 3: Add Course Assignments to the Gradebook Small_Arrow Show Me: Adding Gradebook Assignments
  Step 4: Optionally - Create a Grading Scale arrow Show Me: Creating a Grading Scale
Grading Assignments
  Grading Assignments via the Grade Entry Grid Arrow Show Me: Enter Grades in Grade Entry Grid
  Grading Assignments via the Submissions ManagerarrowShow Me: Grading via the Submissions Manager
  Batch Grading Paper-Based Assignments arrow Show Me: Batch Grade Paper-Based Assignments
  Speed Up the Load Time of the Grade Entry Grid arrow Show Me: Speed Up the Grade Entry Grid Load Time
Custom Reports
  Grade Reports - Create and View Grade Reports with Averages Applied arrow Show Me: Create and View Grade Reports
Import and Export Grades
  Export Gradebook to EXCEL for Backup
  Import Grades into Gradebook from EXCEL
  Arrow pointing right Show Me: How to Export a Roster to Excel from the eCampus Gradebook
  7.4 Copying a Gradebook to a 'New' Course Arrow Pointing RightShow Me: How to Copy a Gradebook from one Course to Another Course
  Gradebook Tips - Grades not displaying? Read this.
Source: ANGEL 7.3 and 7.4 Instructor Reference Manual



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