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ELMO EV-400 AF Document Camera

The ELMO Document Camera allows instructors to project any image, or 3-D object in vivid detail on their classroom LCD projector. Think of using this to project 3-D models for detailed examination in the live classroom. Refer to the EV-400 AF Document Camera Manual for detailed information and directions on using your ELMO.

Basic directions to display a document or object:

1. Turn on the power switch located on the side of the unit (at the tip of the red arrow).


(If the unit looks like the picture above [light and camera arms folded down], carefully lift the three arms.)

2. Place the object, picture, or transparency on the stage.

3. Use the 'buttons' to turn on the lamp (either upper or base).

4. Turn on the ceiling-mounted projector. Press the input key on the projector remote until you see the object projected on the screen.

5. Press the zoom and the focus buttons on the ELMO unit until you are satisfied with the focus.

If it doesn’t work, check to make sure it is plugged securely in to the wall, and into the unit (See pictures below.)

rear panel