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Procedures for temporary web pages:

Temporary web pages are for events or topics that do not require permanent posting on the Blinn College website.

The event or topic being portrayed in the temporary web page must be an activity approved by the Executive Council, the President or the appropriate Vice President of the college.

Obtaining Approval

  1. Permission to create a temporary web page(s) must be obtained from the appropriate dean or vice president. The dean or vice president may consult with the web committee and/or Executive Council prior to granting approval.
  2. Coordinating with the Marketing and Media Relations
    The requester should provide the following information to the Marketing and Media Relations:
  3. The subject for the temporary web page.
  4. The web page(s) designer’s name and department.
  5. Deadline for web page(s) launch.
  6. Dates for the temporary web page(s) to appear.
  7. Requested placement on the college website.
  8. Information to be included on the web page(s).
  9. Suggested design elements.
  10. A list of person(s) who will require access to make changes to the web page(s).

    The Marketing and Media Relations will work with the submitter to determine the design, placement, links and promotion of the web page. The web committee, dean, vice president or Executive Council may be consulted.

Establishing an Address and Access
After receiving approval from the dean or vice president and the Marketing and Media Relations Department, contact Academic Technology (via the Help Desk) to establish a web address, access and designated e-mail address, if needed. Also supply assigned Academic Technology representative with a list of person(s) who will require access to make changes to the web page(s).

Designing the Web Page(s)
Design the web page(s) according to guidelines provided by the Marketing and Media Relations Department. The Marketing and Media Relations Department and the appropriate dean or vice president should review the web page(s) before public launch. The web committee may also be consulted.

Launching the Web Page(s)
After review, contact Academic Technology to launch the web page(s).

Updating the Web Page(s)
The web designer is responsible for updates to the temporary web page(s) and for contacting Academic Technology for removal of the web page(s) when the event/subject no longer requires publication on the college website.

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