Instructions for Configuring Windows XP for ResNet

The following steps will enable your PC to receive a DHCP IP address. This will enable your ethernet connected PC to communicate on the Blinn ResNet.

Make sure your computer's network adapter (network interface card) is connected to your ethernet wall port via an ethernet cable.

1. Go to Start Menu and select My Network Places.


2. Choose View Network Connections.


3. Choose the network connection you wish to access. 


4. Right click on the network connection.  Choose Properties from the drop down menu.


5. Select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item and Click Properties.


6. Select the Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically options.


7. Click OK on the Internet Protocol Properties window.

8. Click OK on the Local Area Connection Properties window.

9. Your computer will now request the IP configuration information from the network.

10. Start an Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator). If the browser does not connect to a web site then restart your computer and try opening the browser again.