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Information Management Student
Residential Network

Academic Technology provides support for the residential network (ResNet). This network connects the Brenham campus residential Halls and College Park Apartments to the campus network and internet.

The following halls have one ethernet port per bed: Melcher, Buccaneer, Lockett, Helman, Beazley, Katherine Atkinson, Hallstein, Solons, Spencer, James Atkinson, Wheeler. The College Park Apartments Phase I and II have one ethernet port per bed.

Memorial and Holleman only have wireless network for student use. No ethernet ports are provided in the rooms.

Game Console and Smart TV Registration

Because Xbox and Playstation consoles and most smart TVs do not support 802.1x WPA2 connect to wireless, students are required to register their console's MAC address (unique network number assigned to each console) to connect it to the wireless network. Once your device is registered, you will connect it to the BlinnConsole network.

Console Registration form

Wireless- Wireless network is provided in the residential areas. Connect to the BlinnStudent network and use your Blinn Buc email address and Blinn password to connect. Specific instructions for common devices are on the wireless page.

Information Technology Resources and Copyright Infringement Policy


Required Equipment:

Network Card
The ResNet is based on IEEE 802.11 Ethernet standards. This means that almost any 10Base-T or 10/100/1000Base-TX network interface card (NIC) should be compatible.

Wireless network Card

The wireless ResNet is based on 802.11a/g/n and ac standards. Connecting to the BlinnStudent network requires your student email address and password.

Patch Cable
A cable is required to connect the network card in the computer to the wall jack. The student must provide this cable. The length of the cable should be at least 7-10 feet to allow flexibility in placement of the computer in the room. The cable required is a standard Category 5 (CAT 5) ethernet cable with male RJ-45 connectors at each end.

Network Configuration:
The ResNet will support any operating system that complies with industry standard TCP/IP communication protocols. The ResNet uses DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to assign IP numbers to the computers. The DHCP option should be enabled on your computer's TCP/IP properties.

Academic Technology is equipped only to support connectivity problems related from the wall connection and back on to the network. Academic Technology can not provide support for student's computers and problems with their network card, operating system, and network configuration. To report a network related problem call HELP (4357).

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