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Information Management Student

Beginning in summer 2004, a new print management system was installed across the College. The purpose of the system is managing the computer-based printing in the open computer labs, Libraries and classroom computer labs.


The College studied the volume of printing beginning in summer 2003. An analysis revealed an increasing volume of printing. The total amount of pages printed in fall 2003 was 1.24 million sheets. The total for spring 2004 was 1.34 million sheets. This equates to over $80,000 in printing cost per year.


The College has licensed the Pharos Uniprint system to provide a central and college-wide print solution. The system controls the release of print jobs to all printers in student areas. The system is configured to assess a cost to each print based on the following schedule.


  black and white single side .07 credits per sheet
  black and white double side .12 credits per sheet
  color single side .50 credits per sheet
  24 in. Plotter, Bryan E223B 1.5 credits per linear foot

Student accounts

Each enrolled student is automatically given a print system account. The account number is the student ID number. Each enrolled student is given 15 credits in their print account per semester. This account will be deducted according to the print schedule.

Students can add money to their account using the Add Value stations located in the Brenham Library and Bryan Library building foyer or at the Enrollment Services/Business Office counter on each campus.

Funds can be added and balances viewed via the Print Management site.

The 15 credits is per semester and is not refundable nor does the balance roll over to the next semester.

Credits added to the print account will carry over to the next semester and are not refundable.


When printing in the Library, Bullock Lab and Open Lab the student will be asked to enter their Blinn Online ID (BOID). The print job will then be placed in a queue and await being released. To release the print job, go the the computer labeled Print Release Station. Swipe your ID card or enter your BOID and password. The screen will show you all of your pending print jobs. Select the job(s) to print. The documents will print on the nearby printers and the account will be deducted the amount of the job. You can also view your account activity and balances at the release station.

When printing in the classroom labs and testing areas the student will be asked to enter their student ID number and password. A prompt will appear to confirm the print job and will provide the total job cost. After confirmation, the job will print to the nearby printer and the job cost deducted from their account.

Guest accounts

Community users and those auditing classes can obtain temporary guest cards at the Library on each campus.




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