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Information Management Student


Academic Technology provides e-mail services to faculty and staff. E-mail accounts are automatically created when employment offer form is approved.

Student E-mail

Employee Web Mail
Accessing your e-mail from the web page ( or use myBlinn

Changing Password, maintaining account information and setting vacation message
Log into the web mail and then select the Options button

Spam identification and filtering
The e-mail server uses a set of rules to identify incoming messages as potential spam. If the message is coming from a know advertising site, then the prefix ADV is added to the subject line.

To view all message that have been blocked from coming into your INBOX because they were classified as SPAM and to setup personal e-mail Quarantine block and allow rules, login and access your personal quarantine at:

Edgewave Personal Dashboard login (use your standard Blinn login information):

for setting up desktop e-mail client:
Outlook 2016 is the standard email client and it will autoconfigure itself with your account information upon logging onto the computer with your credentials and starting the Outlook program.

Setting up mobile clients for email:


  1. Tap "Settings" on your iPhone's home screen, and then tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" followed by "Add Account." Touch "Microsoft Exchange" as the account type.

  2. Type your email address:
    Domain Name:
    User Name: firstname.lastname
    Domain Password: YourPassword

  3. Type a description for your account
    Then tap "Next" to verify the information.

  4. Type the email server address beside "Server" when prompted

  5. Then tap "Next" again.

  6. Tap the "On" button beside each Exchange service you wish to use,

  7. And then tap "Save" to finish configuring your iPhone.

Windows Mobile

Maximum message size
The maximum size of an e-mail attachment is 15 MB. You will receive an error message if you try to send a message larger than this: 'Exceeded local data allocation limit' or 'Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size'

Service for your e-mail account
can be requested by calling HELP (4357) or filling out the help form. You will receive an e-mail confirmation for your help desk ticket. It will contain a reference number and detail the problem. Once the request has been addressed you will receive a closing e-mail describing the service completed.