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Information Management Student

Desktop Computing

Academic Technology Services (ATS) provides support for the 1000+ computers installed in the offices. This support includes installation and repair of the college's hardware and software. Inventory of hardware and software licensing is also maintained by the ATS.

Computer purchases are staged three times per year: fall, spring and summer. Purchases are planned during the budget process. Computers are placed in a replacement plan and tier 1 computers (most fulltime positions and partime faculty positions) are replaced on a 4-5 year plan. Labs are also tiered and tier 1 are replaced on a 4 year plan and tier 2 and 3 labs receive recycled computers.

Computers and computer peripheral purchases are processed through Academic Technology to provide data retention, installation, consistency in hardware and software versions, warranty, and inventory tracking.

Virtual Desktops are being rolled out in certain Tier 2 labs beginning in fall 2014 and are also being prepared for employee use.

software configurations include: Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional, Internet Explorer 11.0, Chrome, Acrobat Pro, and other common plugins and support software.

Software licensing: All software installed on Blinn College equipment must have an accompanying usage license. Software found on computers that is not licensed will be removed. If you have questions about licensing, please call Cindy Becker at 979-830-4153.

Service for your hardware
can be requested by calling HELP (4357) or filling out the help form. You will receive and e-mail confirmation for your help desk ticket. It will contain a reference number and detail the problem. Once the request has been addressed you will receive a closing e-mail describing the service completed.