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Information Management Student

Unified Communication

Microsoft Lync- Instant Messaging (IM), online web meetings, telephone, video and audio calls.

Lync 2010 has been installed as the unified communication (UC) system. During the summer of 2017 we will be transitioning employees over to Skype for Business. The Skype for Business client is installed on all employee's computers by default. The Lync phone and enterprise voice is installed as the telephone system for employees and resident students.

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Common Questions and Tips:

  1. No longer have to dial '9' for an outside number. Just the local number or the area code and number.
  2. How to set temporary voice mail greeting?
    • In Outlook 2016: File menu- Voice Mail button- It will open Web mail..
    • In web mail, : Gear icon top right, Options menu- General - Voicemail - Greetings. Select the greeting to play to callers. Press Call me to play or record ... (default has your email address) which will call you office phone number. Change this to another phone number where you can receive the call if you are at another number..
    • Set Automatic Replies Out-Of-Office dates in Outlook or Web mail. This will set your Lync status to out of office as well as email replies.
  3. How to setup simultaneous ring to your designated delegates and team call group?
  4. How to Transfer ?
    • On the Polycom phone, select the Menu- Transfer directly or Consult then Transfer
    • On the Lync client, press the transfer icon icon and select a contact or type in another number.
  5. How to check Voicemail?
    • On the Lync client, press the voicemail icon icon and a list of all voicemails will be listed
    • In email (Outlook or web mail), search for keywords 'voice mail' and the results will show all voicemail with the message as an attachment.
    • On the Polycom phone, use the up/down arrows to select Voice Mail then press OK. A list of messages will be displayed. Use the up/down arrows to select a message then press Play or Call. The Menu button provides additional options.
    • Off-campus, call 979-209-7668 for Bryan and 979-337-6810 for Brenham and use your phone extension and voice mail pin to access messages and other options.
  6. Can I make calls when the phone is locked?
    • Yes. There are no restrictions on placing a call from a phone that is locked. Just dial or pick up the handset and dial. The only restrictions a locked phone has is access to personal contacts and calendar items.
  7. How to setup a online meeting or a call-in conference?
    1. Using Outlook calendar select New Online MeetingOnline Meeting icon
    2. Set the date and time
    3. Add participants in the TO: line
    4. If you want it to be phone or call-in conference bridge only, delete the meeting links and leave just the phone number and conference ID.
    5. For a web-based meeting, on-campus participants will click the link in the invitation and the Lync client will start and join the meeting automatically. Off-campus or non-Blinn participants will be prompted to download a web or local client and then will join the meeting.

Mobile Clients:

You can stay connected using Lync 2010 mobile clients for iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Android.

Information on using each client