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Faculty Credentials

Shown below is the one form that is now used for Faculty Credentialing. The form includes two pages, the first is entitled “Blinn College Faculty Credential Evaluation Summary” and the second is “Justification of Faculty Qualifications Crosswalk”. The second page may not be needed in all faculty hiring situations. Please consult your Instructional Dean if you have questions related to form completion. Faculty Credentialing should occur before a job offer is extended to a prospective new faculty member.

Note: As outlined during the Spring 2014 semester, on June 15, 2014 we finalized the move to a COMPLETELY online faculty credentialing process that is part of the PeopleAdmin hiring system. The PeopleAdmin HR hiring system now includes the Faculty Credentialing Forms as well as the English Language Proficiency Form. Thus, the hiring manager will complete these during the application hiring process. All hiring managers should have access to these screens - if not, please consult your appropriate Instructional Dean.

Therefore, the Faculty Credentialing Forms link below is strictly for informational purposes, and the forms will not be submitted or emailed for processing, except in emergency situations related to functionality within the PeopleAdmin system. A link to Blinn's "Guide to Manage Applicants through to Hiring Proposal" is also included below to provide step-by-step instructions on the entire hiring process.

Credentialing Review Process

Guide to Manage Applicants through Hiring Proposal

Faculty Credentialing Forms

Faculty Credentialing Guidelines Table


  1. Forms are completed online by the hiring manager - i.e. Instructional Dean or their designee.
  2. Signatures are inserted electronically as the application packet moves through the hiring process system.
  3. Instructional Dean is notified if the faculty finalist is approved for hire.