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Articulation Documents


Blinn College Requirements for Articulated Courses
Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs

The following conditions and requirements are necessary to receive college credit for specific high school courses.

• The articulated high school courses listed on the front of this document shall be pre-approved by the Dean of Technical and Workforce Education and a representative of the school district.

• The articulated high school courses shall be completed with a grade of “B” or higher. A grade of “B” is numerically defined as 80-89.

• The articulated high school courses shall appear on the front of the student’s official high school transcript coded with an “A” for Articulation next to the courses.

• The high school student shall enroll at Blinn College and apply for credit within 15 months of high school graduation in order to receive credit for articulated high school courses.

• The student must declare a Technical Education major at Blinn College in order to receive articulation credit.

• The student must attend classes up until the 12th class day before a college transcript can be generated. The Tech Prep college credit will not be awarded unless the student is enrolled after the 12th class day.

• Articulated high school courses shall show on the college transcript as “CR” for college credit and not as a grade. The articulated high school courses are not part of the college grade point average.