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Dr. Rosemary Degner

Office: Health 241 Bryan

Phone: 979.209.7497 (ext. 1)


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The educational background for Dr. Degner includes a Doctorate of Business Administration from University of Phoenix (emphasis on organizational and leadership communication), Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Science from Texas A&M University, a Master of Science in Management Communication from University of Portland, and a Bachelor of Business Administration also from the University of Portland.


Prior to a career in teaching, Dr. Degner spent twenty years as the owner and manager of several retail and service businesses. She has also served as the executive director for non-profit organizations and was actively involved in community-based volunteer programs. For over a decade, Dr. Degner has helped students, young public speakers, graduate students, and business entrepreneurs learn to present quality extemporaneous speeches. She encourages students to develop effective communication by using a strategy that builds upon communication strengths, challenges, and skills.